Does Your Business Need A Website? 5

Does Your Business Need A Website?

social Media vs Website

or both?

What are Websites and what are they for?

Does Your Business Need A Website? 6
  1.  Overview
  2.  What is a website?
  3. Domain and Hosting


Only a decade or two ago,  when the most effective way to steal your car dealership competitor’s customers – was to place a jiggly air dancers called ‘Tube Man’.  Today however, that is simply not enough. There are too many restaurants, car dealerships and jewelry shops. Sometimes we can witness the same type of business, parallel or right beside each other, like Montagues and Capulets. The fact is – It will only get more saturated in the future. 

Marketing has always been the deciding factor between the two equal forces colliding with one another. A decade ago the Tube Man had shown us the returns of such peculiar investments. However I am afraid the Tube Man is gone, long live the tube man!

You want to stand out from your competition- that is a fact. Another fact is that today 80% of businesses are found on digital devices such as phones and computers on Google and, rarely Yahoo (and once in a bluemoon Bing). Whether your business can profit from obtaining a website has became a very relevant question in the today’s business culture.  However the answer isn’t always as easy as yes or no. If you read on, I guarantee you will make up your mind once and for all.


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First Things First,
What is a Website?

A Website is a multi-tool, just like the swiss knife. It’s your Digital Representation before anything else, however,  it also  includes opportunities which can increase your business’ successToday,  it can be anything you want it to be. Your 24/7 online salesman,  your digital business card,  your connection with your customers,  or all of it combined.  It can be ranked on Google Searches which allows you to place your business either on the top, or on the bottom of your competition for those specific services or products you provide

A Website consists of two main working parts. A Domain Name and a Hosting Server.  A domain name is the internet address under which your website can be found.  Web Hosting is where the local files (what your website is made of) are stored.  You usually have to pay for both on annual basis if you want  your website to be live and ready for business.